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You have just entered the Holistic Animal Consulting Center where there are No Pets ~ Only Animal Companions, Beloved Animal Friends, Family, Siblings, Sages, and Teachers.

There are No Owners ~ Only Guardians and Care-Givers who choose to share their lives and extend their circle of friendship and kinship to include companion animals.

There is No Training ~ Only Calm, centered, loving, responsible and respectful, leadership-based education for companion animals and their guardians.

This philosophy is woven into the fabric of whatever has brought you to this website.

  • Feline or Canine Behavior Problems, Dilemmas and Challenges
  • Loss, Grief and Mourning
  • Diagnosis of Life-Threatening Illness
  • Management of Chronic Illness: Diabetes, Kidney Disease and others
  • Concerns about Lifestyle Change or Move to a New Home
  • The Addition of Another Companion Animal to the Household
  • Companion Animals and Children or New Baby on the way
  • Nutrition
  • All Companion Animal-Related Challenges

Please spend some time exploring this website. You will find answers to many of your questions and concerns in the information provided.

There is a great deal of information. You may want to print and read it at your leisure rather than on-screen. The choice is yours.

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